Smart Home

Welcome to Your New Smart Kent Home

In partnership with HomeLink Smart Home Solutions, Kent Homes is including the safety and convenience of new smart home technology while offering additional smart home features. Now included in a new Kent Home is a smart home package that includes a Smart Touch Screen Panel that can seamlessly connect your smart home devices, the HomeLink Smart Home Solutions app with 6 months of a complimentary automation plan where the homeowner can control their entire home through just one app, Ecobee 3 Smart Thermostat, a front door smart lock, a smart garage door opener, and front door/garage entry door/loggia door sensors for home entry security. One home, one app, working together!

Homeowners can also enhance their quality of life with additional door and window sensors, smart thermostats, smart switches, video doorbell, indoor cameras, outdoor camera with night vision, Sonos speakers, and more options still to come that can be easily controlled and automated through the app or in-home touch screen. With HomeLink Smart Home Solutions, the possibilities to make your home work better for you are endless. HomeLink Smart Home Solutions is a very user-friendly all-in-one system that doesn't just make your home smarter, it also makes your life easier. Your home, your day, your way!

    Smart Touchscreen Panel

    The Smart Touchscreen Panel is the “Heart” of your smart home. Using a clean, modern user interface that takes advantage of the 7” HD capacitive glass screen, the panel navigates using swipes and intuitive gestures. Content is dynamic, so the display shows the products you have set up and are using around your home.

      Door/Window Sensor

      The Door/Window Sensor consists of a magnet and a transmitter that sends an encrypted signal to the Smart Touchscreen Panel whenever two pieces move more that 1” apart. The sensor can be put on a door, window or anything in between that opens or closes.

        Smart Garage Door Opener

        The Smart Garage Door Opener answers the question: did I leave my garage door open? Control the garage door directly from the mobile app or be reminded if it’s been left open for a certain period of time.

          Smart Door Lock

          Don't remember if you locked the front door? No problem. The Smart Door Lock can remotely lock or unlock from the HomeLink Smart Home Solutions App. Enter in your private code to access your property and have it automatically disarm your system at the same time.

            Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat

            The Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat is Energy Star certified and is equipped to start saving you up to 23% annually on heating and cooling. Paired with the HomeLink Smart Home Solutions app, you can control your thermostat from anywhere and set heating and cooling schedules.

              Outdoor Wifi or PoE Camera

              The Outdoor Wifi and Poe Cameras provide 1080p HD video that include night vision and video analytics capability. The design is compact and discreet for visibility.

                Smart Light Switch/Dimmer

                A smart light switch or dimmer ensures that you never come home to a dark home. Turn on, off, and dim lighting without ever leaving your seat while also setting rules and schedules to automatically adjust lighting at certain times of the day.

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