Energy Efficiency

Reduce Energy. Save Money.

Reducing energy use in your home saves you money, conserves natural resources, and reduces the pollution that is emitted from non-renewable sources of energy which in turn creates a healthier living environment.

Kent Homes is building their homes with today's technology, uses energy efficient products, and uses the latest in new home construction methods to keep your costs down.

    Radiant Barrier Sheathing

    Radiant barrier sheathing consists of a reflective surface bonded to a sheathing material usually installed in attics. This reduces radiant heat and tends to be much more effective in warmer climates like Southeastern North Carolina. The cooler the attic space, the cooler the home, and the less air conditioning will have to run which also prolongs the life of the AC unit. Radiant barrier sheathing (installed with typical types of attic insulation) is very cost effective and does not require special skills to install. Traditional vented attics with radiant barriers have a long history of reliable performance and can reduce the temperature by up to 30°.

      High Performance Thermal Boundary Air Sealing

      High performance thermal boundary air sealing sealing is the process of sealing all the gaps, open seams, and penetrations throughout the home once the home is framed. A professionally-sealed home will have regulated air flow—less stuffy in summer and less drafty in winter. Air Sealing cuts back the amount of energy consumed by heating and cooling your home and saves on your annual energy costs. Other benefits include improving air quality, reducing humidity in your home, and increasing the comfort in your home.

        Energy Star Rated Appliances

        A greener future starts in your kitchen. We offer numerous Energy Star eco-conscious appliances that help you conserve energy, save on water, cut costs, and build a more sustainable future for your family.

          Tankless Hot Water Heater

          A traditional tank water heater heats water continuously, while tankless water heaters heat only as much water as needed, lowering your utility bill. Plus, you will never run out of hot water! They also take up less space, have a lower risk of leaking, and can last up to 4x longer than traditional tank water heaters.

            LED Lighting

            Surface mount LED lighting results in less energy loss with the elimations of gaps in insulation and reduction of ceiling cutouts required for recessed downlights. Recessed lights are among the most notorious energy wasters in modern homes. Energy Auditors often use thermal mapping technology to see exactly where air leaks are located, and these fixtures often stand out as the biggest HVAC efficiency problem in rooms. LED lighting is also 90% more energy efficient than incandescent light bulbs, generates less heat, and can last up to 5X longer than conventional bulbs.

              Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat

              The Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat is Energy Star certified and is equipped to start saving you up to 23% annually on heating and cooling. Paired with the BrightSuite app, you can control your thermostat from anywhere and set heating and cooling schedules.

                Low E & Argon Vinyl Windows

                Vinyl windows with Low-E (low-emittance) glass has a secondary, very thin metallic dual layer coating that allows the sun’s heat to pass through the glass, but at the same time works to reflect radiant heat back toward its source. Since it reflects radiant heat waves, it helps keep the inside of your home warmer in the winter by trapping radiant heat and cooler in the summer by blocking it from your home, lowering homeowner's bills.

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